Drupal Features

Open source and widely supported

  • Some of the Internet's technical leaders, like Twitter, PayPal, ...
  • Mature code base, modules and functionality
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Blogs / Articles

Custom themes or instant themes

  • Our graphic designers will create a custom design to present your company image.

Database driven

  • Database driven websites can provide much more functionality than a static site can.
  • Enabling many (potentially non-technical) users to provide content for the website. Users can publish articles on the website without needing to FTP them to a web server.
  • Shopping cart
  • You can provide advanced search functionality that enables users to filter the results based on a given field. They can then sort those results by a field - say "Price" or "Date".
  • Customized homepage
  • You can allow your users to perform tasks such as registering for a newsletter, post questions to your forums, provide comments on a blog, update their profile, etc.
  • Much more

Easy to use CMS

  • To organize and structure of your content
  • Easy content upload and edit
  • As many different content types as you need
  • As many different Views as you need

Adding or editing content

  • Your choice – Markdown - Full HTML – Filtered HTML –
  • Check out how easy it is to update or edit using markdown (show small image using Markdown / HTML (Pencil sketch)

File & Images upload to page

  • Software will crop image when needed
  • Popups
  • Slideshows
  • Icons & thumbnails

Menu settings

  • Generate automatic URL alias
  • Visitor friendly URLs
  • Easy to change to a new order just Drag & Drop


  • Owner Roles and permissions
  • Unlimited roles with permissions
  • Users can have more than one role


  • Easy to setup and adjust, by adding or removing a check mark.
  • Fine-granular Permissions if needed
  • Visitors can be granted permissions if needed

Additional Features

  • Webform
  • Publishing options
  • Supports all kinds of Media
  • Social networking integration
  • Search engine friendly
  • Site map
  • Unique logins
  • Languages functionality to your website